Micro-pigmentation of the scalp is hair follicle simulation using a tattooing method. The procedure is performed with a cosmetic makeup machine and uses special needles and inks

Everyoneís pain tolerance level is different. On average, on a scale of one to ten, maybe a 4. It doesnít hurt as much as regular tattoos

Victory Hairline Solutions has the most quality professional work, at the most affordable rates. Prices are based on the level of balding. Please contact as at 844-4VHS-NOW Ask about our financing options. You can also fill out our form

The initial procedure takes about 4 hours . Touch ups take about 2 hours

IT IS PERMANENT! Victory Hairline Solutions offers a 5 year guarantee on all work done

Micro-pigmentation is fairly new to the US. They have been doing it for years in the UK. Be on the look out for more companies in the future. But, if you want to Look Like A Winner, come to Victory Hairline Solutions!

After the procedure you will be a little sore for 2-3 days. You won’t have to cover it with a hat nor do you have to wear bandages afterwards. It will peel in about a week. Continue to use the aftercare products for the next couple weeks to keep the scalp moist

The same reason why most people go to a barber that they can trust. This is a PERMANENT hairline. All VHS technician specialists have decades of experience in cutting African American hair. What makes our services special is that we know what your hairline is supposed to look like. We will recreate that authentic look and have you Looking Like A Winner!!!

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